vodka infusion kits

Welcome to pure Imbue.  Home of truly unique blends in our vodka infusion kits & cocktail infusions.

pure Imbue - alcohol infusion kit

All organically sourced, unique flavors with no decanting - ever!

From our imported Spanish taberna bottles to the organically sourced ingredients and then to the devilishly clever Imbue infusion tube that eliminate the messy decanting step - I am determined to provide you with a unique vodka cocktail experience.

Our vodka infusion kits are created to be complex and unique. When crafting them I focus on a multi-layered experience. They must have a distinctive bouquet and engage your sense of smell first. The Imbue recipe must have a  forward taste followed by secondary notes. Lastly, the infusion needs to complete with a mouthfeel.  

Impossible? Nope, just a laser focus on inventing something new and exciting.

Simply add vodka to your chosen Imbue infusion bottle and let it imbue for two days. Pull out the Imbue bag and voila!  You're ready to show off your cocktail making prowess.

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