The Story of our Vodka Infusion Kits

Adrienne Wolfe - Creator of pure Imbue and organic  vodka and liquor infusions.

Imbue Creator

I have had a long love affair with the handmade, the unique, the crafty.  An out-of-the-ordinary find is the bright spot in your week.  Bringing this sense of "special" to everyday life is something that I strive towards.

I'm excited to take this pursuit and create clean, bright, original vodka infusion recipes for your vodka cocktails.  

The inspiration for this product was the Intersection of life experiences and serendipity.  We took our first family trip to Europe in 2018.  In every little village market we went to my husband and I would find something, look at each other and ask "why don't we have THIS in the U.S.?"  In one marketplace I saw rows of beautiful bottles filled with dried fruit and raw sugar.  Very eye appealing and the instructions read to add any liquor of your choice, wait about a week and you'd have a flavored liqueur.

I mulled over that display and when we came home I started to research what similar products we had in the States.  I found multiple companies with standard flavors, usually packaged with sugar and very few organic.  Most of the bottling wasn't something that was "display worthy" and almost everything had to be decanted and strained to stop the infusion process.

I set about to build a better mousetrap; truly unique imbues that involve your senses and a system where you can cleanly and easily remove the botanicals when the infusion process is complete.  Something organically sourced, with no added sugar. pure Imbue was born!